Grain & Services

GrainHub Tuakau is a drying, storing, processing and manufacturing mill. We also have a certified public weighbridge.

Purchasing Grain

David Muller is an on-farm consultant and our contact in the procurement team. He is experienced in all agronomy aspects. David is always happy to make on-farm visits to explain our services and will be involved with the purchasing process direct from the grower.

Truck unloading grains
Tuakau GrainHub Silos

Grain Drying & Storage

GrainHub offers clients their own maize drying and storage, with 20,000T silo storage capacity.


GrainHub Tuakau has a public weighbridge available for account holders. For more information or account application, please contact our office.

Grainhub Weigh Bridge

Not sure what you need?

For more information on our stock feed and grain service options, please contact us